Why Bangkok Chicken Is The Best Fighting Chicken in the World

Cockfighting – The Bangkok type fighting cock is the most famous type of fighting cock in Indonesia and even in the world. This type of chicken is known as the best breed because it has the ability and fighting strength that is better than other chickens. So there is no need to be surprised if we often find that Bangkok chicken has become the prima donna of every time from the field of fighting matches.

Why Bangkok Chicken Is The Best Fighting Chicken in the World

If we look at it physically, Bangkok chicken has a very proportional body size. This chicken has a very fitting height and size, which makes it strong. Apart from that, his body also turned out to be supported by his strong flesh and tough bones so that it makes this chicken become so mighty when it is fighting.

Meanwhile, from the other side, it turns out that this chicken also has a higher fighting and mental ability than other types of chicken. This is also what makes this Bangkok chicken a type of fighting chicken that other fighting chickens are so respected. This cockfighting style is usually owned by him naturally, and his high fighting mentality makes him not afraid to fight.

But if you really want to have this type of fighting cock, then, of course, sacrifice is also needed. Because to raise and care for Bangkok chickens, it will be a little different from other types of fighting chickens. This is because maintaining and improving the quality of these chickens, and extra attention is needed from yourself while providing care.

In the morning, this fighting chicken must be bathed regularly so that its body becomes clean and refreshed. That way, the chickens’ health, and condition will become more secure and fit to carry out their day’s activities. Then, the feed given must also be of high quality so that it can support the growth of the body and especially the muscles. So that only then will the chicken have strong muscles and can kick its opponent very hard.

Furthermore, training activities must also be given regularly. Bangkok chickens must be given adequate physical exercise so that they can accelerate their ideal body formation after consuming quality feed. Training is required to vary so that this chicken can master all battlefields that it will face in a cockfighting match.


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