What Fighting Chickens need natural Doping Contents?

What Fighting Chickens need natural Doping Contents: For sports lovers, the term doping may not be something new that you’ve heard. Doping itself means consuming something that aims to improve the performance or quality of the user. In other words, someone who uses doping will usually be able to improve his quality within a certain time. Qualities such as energy, stamina, strength, and so on will increase with the use of this doping.

What Fighting Chickens need natural Doping Contents

Amazingly, it turns out that doping is not only used by humans. But in the world of cockfighting, the term doping is not a new thing anymore. Match chickens also need doping so that they can fight tougher and be able to beat their opponents quickly. It’s just that, of course, the doping that is given should not be like the doping used by humans. Breeders can provide the natural doping required by their game chickens.

So far, there are several types of natural doping that you can give to your fighting chickens, including:

1. Goat Meat

One of the most beneficial doping options for fighting chickens is goat meat. The function of goat meat itself is to increase the passion and appetite for fighting from the chicken. Because the content of mutton is very hot, it triggers adrenaline from fighting cocks when in the cockfighting arena.

2. Eel meat

The natural doping that you can give your chicken is eel meat. Eel meat contains protein and carbohydrates, and fat, which is quite good for fighting chickens. So thus, this meat is very good for consumption by chickens. Chickens who consume eel meat will be more excited and excited when fighting. Apart from that, the stamina will also increase with increasing aggressiveness.

3. Traditional Herbal Medicine

Traditional herbal medicine is very useful, not only for humans but also good for fighting chickens. Combine the liquid that you get from ginger, then combine it with honey. From there, later, you will produce highly nutritious doping for chickens. 

When fighting really needs a variety of additional inputs that can temporarily support themselves when fighting. So, by doing so, provide the type of natural doping needed according to your chicken’s needs at that time. This doping administration should also only be given for a few days until the day that your cock will fight.


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