Ways to Form a Fighting Chicken Personality to Become Fierce

Cockfighting – Every fighting chicken farmer will be very lucky if the chicken he has a fierce personality when fighting. Chickens’ stiffness is very important because that will make these chickens bolder and more confident so that it makes the chicken do not hesitate to peck or kick the opponent hard and without stopping.

Ways to Form a Fighting Chicken Personality to Become Fierce

Fighting chickens with fierce personalities are usually chickens with experience of winning. Where the chicken must have had a mental name and also quality. So, if your chicken can have such a personality, then the chance for the chicken to become a champion is very open.

In fact, the resilience of a fighting cock can be inherited from the parent who produced it. However, as a farmer, of course, we should not give up and believe that our chickens can also be like that. Thus, we need to know the name of the method to form a chicken like that.

So, what exactly is the way to form a fighting chicken’s personality so that it becomes fierce when fighting?

Feeding Action Chickens

Feeding is a very important factor in the process of malignancy formation in chickens. This one method is arguably the easiest to do, but it takes patience from the breeder. For feeding, we can provide special feed apart from general feed for chickens. Common feeds are usually corn, grain, and brown rice. However, for special feed, we can provide nuts and vegetables in order to get complete nutrition.

Apart from that, live food such as bird meat, eels, worms, crickets, etc., can also be given. Chickens that get perfect nutrition will make them healthy and energized. This will make the chicken even more fierce when he meets other fighting chickens. But also pay attention to the portion of the gift. Because if it is given irregularly and unbalanced, the result will make the chicken’s body become overweight.

Giving Fighting Activities

The most effective way to make your fighting cocks fierce is by fighting them. By fighting, of course, the chicken will directly hone his mental and also his abilities. The more often the chicken fights and wins it, the fiercer the chicken will be. So that through this method, you can encourage your chickens to get closer to becoming champion chickens.

However, of course, fighting the chicken must also pay attention to the condition of the chicken. We must not fight our chickens if they are not old enough or if they are not fit. So that your chicken will get positive results when fighting later.

Those are some ways you can do to make your fighting cocks fierce. The fiercer your chicken is, the fiercer the chicken will be when fighting. Apart from that, you can also provide various types of additional herbs to your chickens. An example is a ginger or honey, which is very nutritious for chickens, especially before participating in cockfighting competitions.