Vietnamese Fighting Chicken Which Has Various Advantages

Vietnamese Fighting Chicken Which Has Various Advantages: What you should know is that this Vietnamese chicken is usually also called Pakhoy chicken. This one chicken has also begun to be favored by cockfighting lovers in Indonesia. However, it turns out that there are still many people who do not know how, techniques and styles of fighting this one chicken. Of course this will be very confusing, especially for cockfighting lovers who are still beginners.

Vietnamese Fighting Chicken Which Has Various Advantages

Vietnamese chicken can be said to be one of the quality chickens too. This you can know because the results achieved by this chicken are very good. Even so, there are still many cockfighting lovers who doubt their fighting abilities.

In the following, we will explain what are the advantages possessed by this Vietnamese fighting chicken in its fight, namely as follows:

1. Difficult to drop a blow by the opponent

This fighting cock can also be said to be very agile because it is able to make it difficult for its opponent to drop a punch on him. With high speed makes this chicken able to anticipate attacks launched by its opponent. If his opponent succeeds in hitting him, he will quickly hit back at his opponent with repeated blows that can knock his opponent’s mental fight back.

2. Clever Looking For Gaps

In addition, this chicken will usually wait for a good opportunity to attack its opponent. This chicken is very good at finding gaps in his opponent’s defense. When you get it this chicken will start attacking its opponent non-stop.

3. Good Strategies

This chicken also has a fighting style and technique that is quite unique and varied. Its movements are also difficult to predict and follow by its opponents. With this skill, it can make his opponent confused. Well, that’s when this chicken will throw its most powerful punch.

4. Hard and immune to blows

This advantage makes the chicken stronger and harder to beat by its opponent. Not only has a strong punch, this chicken also has a strong body resistance and is immune to blows. However, all these things can be achieved not only from their offspring, but also supported by proper training and care.

5. A Warrior’s Mental Fight

The advantages of this one have also become his trademark in fighting. Because this chicken will not give up under any conditions and will continue to fight like a soldier.

So much information about Vietnamese fighting chickens which have various advantages that can add to your insight into the world of cockfighting.


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