Healthy and Nutritious Food for Your Fighting Chickens

Providing Healthy and Nutritious Food for Your Fighting Chickens: Fighting chickens really need nutritious and nutritious intake in order to grow and develop healthily and quickly. Of course, feeding is the most important thing in making this happen. As a breeder, our job must be to provide the best feed for these chickens.

Fighting chickens that receive feed and high nutritional intake will allow them to optimize their growth. In other words, these chickens will be able to grow and develop better to become quality fighting chickens later.

You can provide quality feed chickens according to the needs of the fighting chickens. If the chicken is a heavy fighting type of chicken, then the chicken really needs high carbohydrate and protein intake. In other words, you can provide feed such as corn and grain to your chickens. To further enrich the nutrients that can be absorbed by the chickens, you can add milk powder to the feed.

Then if your fighting cock is a lightning fighter, or a knife fighter, then a diet diet is very important. Why is diet food necessary? Of course, in order to maintain the chicken’s body posture so as to make the speed of its body movement stable and awake. An example of this feed is brown rice which is very rich in nutrients and nutrients. So that it can provide a high enough energy intake also for fighting chickens.

Apart from that, there are also additional foods that you can give to your chickens. This food provides additional nutrition which is not the same as feed in general. For example, you can give worms or shrimp meat to your chickens. The protein content contained in these two ingredients is very important in the process of accelerating chicken growth.

By giving high protein intake, it will make your chicken have a tough body. Later on, a hard body will make it easier for chickens to train to have an ideal body too. That way, your fighting cocks will be ready to become tough heroes in cockfighting matches .


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