Good Fish Oil Features For Fighting Chickens

It turns out that Fish Oil is not only good for children and pregnant women, but also very good for your fighting cocks.

For cockfighting hobbyists, this time the online cockfighting admin will share a little about the characteristics of fish oil that are good for your favorite fighting cocks. Fish oil or better known as fish oil is not only used for humans but has its own properties for fighting chickens.

The benefits that will be obtained by Bangkok fighting cocks are such as endurance that makes fighting cocks less tired and of course has become something very valuable for the hobby of fighting cocks. Fish oil or fish oil is more often used for young children and is also very good for pregnant women, but it turns out that apart from being good for pregnant women, fish oil is also very good for your fighting cocks.

Fish oil is also highly believed to be able to provide even more energy to fighting chickens , according to information from a cockfighting agent, 100 grams of fish oil contains 902 Kcal of energy which is more than that produced by duck eggs which only have 389 Kcal. . For the properties that your fighting cock can get from fish oil or fish oil, it is as follows:

  • 1) This fish oil is highly believed to reduce stress in chickens after fighting, by rubbing it on the head of the chicken.
  • 2) Able to strengthen chicken feathers when applied regularly.
  • 3) Can accelerate hair growth when mixed with daily food.
  • 4) Can be an antibody in increasing the body’s resistance if given regularly by placing it directly using a straw in the mouth of the chicken.

This is the information about the characteristics of good fish oil for your fighting cocks which admin can share especially for all of you who are cockfighting lovers.


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