Effective Ways to Win Potential Champion Cockfighting Games

You must be a cockfighting lover, often participating in tournaments but rarely succeeding in defeating opponents in a match. Moreover, the fighting opponent is a chicken fighting a potential champion, of course, requires a strategy and tricks so that the chicken can be defeated easily.

Effective Ways to Win Potential Champion Cockfighting Games

There is no chicken that cannot be defeated, not even the chicken of a potential champion. It all depends on the cheaters who take care and care so that they can become dangerous fighting chickens.

Effective Ways to Beat Chickens to Fight Champion Candidates

Humans always have a way to use their brains so that their fighting cocks can win the tournament that is being held. Here’s an effective way to beat the cocks of potential champions so that cockfighting matches can be won easily, including:

Knowing Potential Champion Chicken Techniques

As a cockfighting fraud, it’s good to know the techniques that are possessed by potential champion cocks. That way, we can anticipate the attacks that will be launched later. For example, the chicken often hits at the top, so we have to get our fighting cocks used to be under to avoid attacks and even the technique.

Trying to Fight Against Other Fighting Cock Classes of Champion

Being able to challenge classy fighting cocks as potential champions can certainly be used as training for your fighting cocks. It is better if both spurs are wrapped with a cloth first so that you do not get injured when hit. This can also train him mentally to be bolder so that when fighting cockfighting, he can be confident of beating him.

Increase the ability of fighting cocks

In addition to learning techniques against fighting cocks that are similar to opponents in the arena. Lackers should also regularly train with several exercises to help strengthen their physical and mental health. That way, the chance to beat Bangkok’s potential champions will be even higher.


That is the information we can convey about how to win a chicken to be a champion candidate in a cockfighting game effectively. By understanding and studying the guidelines we provide, you can win bets and be able to beat potential champion chickens. Thank you, and good luck!


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