Christian Birthday Greetings – Woman, Man, Mother

You need to congratulate an Orthodox Christian on his birthday in a special way with some great christian birthda wishes. In order not to hurt the feelings of a believer, it is necessary to choose beautiful words that have great meaning. Only sincere wishes will make such congratulations pleasant and real.

Christian birthday greetings – woman, man, mother
  • I wish you on your birthday
    Let there be peace in your soul, the
    Lord bless you,
    And let the Angel keep you on the way.
  • Start the day, loving the whole world,
    Forgive those who offended you.
    Let the thoughts be pure,
    There will be no empty days in life.
  • Let the birthday give again
    Hope, faith, and love!
    This life is given to you by God,
    Everything is done with his permission.
    Take your
    birthday wishes in full today!
  • And let the Lord grant warmth,
    Wisdom to thoughts and health to the body.
    So that you live with God in your soul,
    Well, in your heart – with one love!
  • Let the angel guide you,
    Doesn’t let you fall or stumble.
    To have faithful friends,
    To have someone to smile at.
  • Happy birthday! I wish you bright thoughts, a joyful life, and God‘s blessing. May all prayers are answered, and all requests will be fulfilled. I wish you health, success, prosperity, kindness, and peace of mind!
  • May the Lord keep you, May the
    good in your heart not fade!
    Let peace reign in your soul,
    And love for the Lord only grows stronger!
  • And let life
    always light up with smiles and light!
    Enjoy every moment,
    thanks to the Creator at the same time!
  • May the Lord keep you
    And always protects you from trouble,
    And life runs in a calm stream,
    And nothing ever upsets you.
  • Warmth in the family, care, and love
    And we wish strong faith.
    Let only happiness be ahead,
    Congratulations on your birthday!
  • Peace, peace, grace,
    And faith in the Holy Lord,
    Strong health and
    humble status, clear and great.
  • So that the Almighty road
    On the path to the truth led,
    And all that anxiety in my soul,
    In prayers to the Lord left.
  • On a wonderful birthday holiday,
    May God bless fate,
    Give peace,
    And create a miracle in life!
  • Happy birthday to you. I sincerely congratulate you
    And I wish God’s help in everything.
    Let the angel guard you in the sky,
    And let the house be a full cup.
  • Let love fill everything in life,
    Faith will always help her.
    Let your health not leave you.
  • I wish you happiness for many years!
    The Lord sent a blessing to
    Congratulate on your birthday.
    May the Holy Spirit strengthen you, the
    Lord adds health!
  • Let peace reign in the soul,
    And grace flows like a river.
    your earthly path of service will be light and happy!
  • Happy birthday, congratulations!
    May God grant happiness and love,
    Let Kindness fill
    Your happy days.
  • The angel will cover
    you from trouble. Let the house be filled with his wing,
    Caress, tenderness, care
  • I wish to live happily
    Under the holy heavens,
    On good deeds for you.
    May the Lord bless.
  • Today we will rejoice together with God,
    Let him give his warmth.
    Will give you a bright path, so
    that happiness blooms in your heart.
  • And so that the soul strives to conduct,
    To live every new day in prayer.
    We wish you a happy new birthday,
    We wish you faith, joy, love.
  • Let every day give understanding,
    And be able to follow the commandments.
    So that the hope
    in yourself is not in vain to overcome everything.
  • Hope to warm the soul,
    Warmth in the family and in the heart of kindness,
    So that faith in God helps in life,
    And in thoughts – crystal purity.
  • On my birthday, I wish you –
    Faith in God and goodness,
    Live peacefully and with prayer
    Wake up in the morning!
  • Go out towards the sun,
    With grace in my soul,
    Open my windows to the
    fresh wind, fate!
  • So that your guardian Angel protects
    From problems,
    A kind, sensitive celestial
    dweller would give Strength every day!

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