Aseel Fighting Chicken From Pakistan Who Is Very Strong And Deadly

This type of chicken complaint can be said to be rarely heard by the general public as well as cockfighting enthusiasts, because at this time this type of chicken complaint is only available in Pakistan, as well as for the various types of cockfighting that we have known indeed. There are so many ranging from familiar bangkok complaints chickens, pama complaints chickens, saigon complaints chickens, as well as various other types of complaints chickens. And indeed Aseel’s spit cockfight has entered into their type of group, namely bribes to be used as cockfighting. The type of Aseel spoon cockroach originally originated from mainland India as well as Pakistan has existed since 1500 years ago.

Maybe Aseel’s fighting cocks are also considered one of the ancestors of fighting cocks, of course their shape will not be much different from other fighting cocks. Because indeed they are still in a hereditary relationship even all types of fighting chickens existing right now descended from Aseel’s fighting cock. When seen at a glance, the shape of Aseel’s chicken looks very fat, bigger in stature, but unfortunately it is not equal to its height, its legs are very large and also sturdy, the feathers on its body are the same as other types of fighting cocks, which makes it a little different, namely from the shape of the comb Aseel’s cock has a slightly larger comb, and that has also become the main characteristic of the fighting cocks, apart from that Aseel’s fighting cocks also have other advantages while in the battle arena.

When Aseel’s cock fighting spurs, it is as if he knows when he will attack and when to defend himself and is waiting to strike again. Aseel’s spurfighting cock also has stamina and strength that is always full and pirma at any time, maybe it could be due to the boss’s way of caring for him or his talent from the start, if indeed Aseel’s spur fighting cocks will usually last up to 2 hours, without stopping. very extraordinary isn’t it, it’s all also due to the advantages of Aseel’s cock at first which is able to know when he should attack and defend. Another advantage possessed by Aseel’s fighting cocks is that it is equipped with a quite extraordinary body.

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