5 Best Fighting Chickens for Crossbreeding

Cockfighting – In the world of cockfighting, there are many types of fighting cocks that you can use to cross-breed between two different types of chickens to produce better offspring than the broodstock. Usually for people who already know how to cross these two chickens is not difficult.

Because only by knowing the standards regarding the type of chicken that is good for being used as this breed, it will definitely be able to produce good offspring too. Therefore, below, we will explain to you about the best types of fighting chickens for cross breeding, which are as follows:

1. Burmese Chicken

By using this breed of Burma chickens as broodstock, this breed will usually produce good offspring as well. This can happen because the Burmese chicken has extraordinary characteristics, which is a chicken that has a high fighting spirit and a fighting mentality that never gives up.

In addition, this chicken is also a type of chicken that has an agile fighting style and can always avoid attacks from its opponents. This advantage he has will be passed on to the offspring so that the chicks will later have advantages and also have advantages over other types of chickens that are used to cross-breed with them.

2. Siamese Chicken

The fighting style possessed by this Siamese chicken is also almost similar to that of the Burmese chicken, which has a fast and strong punch.

This chicken is also very good if you cross-breed with Burmese chickens because the offspring will definitely have a unique fighting style and are also more aggressive in attacking their opponents. Plus it will also have a high mental and fighting spirit as well as a strong defense too.

3. Shamo chicken

What you should know about this type of fighting chicken is that this chicken comes from Japan. This chicken has characteristics such as a strong body, a strong punch, and an agile movement.

You can say this chicken is one of the chickens that has the strongest punch among other types of chicken. It is very good if you use this one chicken as your crossbreed, because with its characteristics like this it will definitely produce extraordinary offspring.

4. Saigon Chicken

Well, this chicken comes from Vietnam, which is recognized by the people there that this chicken has very strong body defenses. Some of the punches that his opponent had thrown at his body didn’t hurt at all.

This can happen because this chicken has very strong and large reinforcement among all other types of chicken. We recommend you to cross breed this chicken with Bangkok chicken. Because the Bangkok chicken can cover all the weaknesses of the saigon chicken. Apart from that, the offspring will also gain strong defenses and blows.

5. Filipino Chicken

From the name alone you know that this one chicken comes from the Philippines. In the Philippines, this one chicken was specially created to play cockfighting using knife spurs. Because Filipino chickens have fast movements and are very agile.

Moreover, supported by his small body size makes his movements even more agile. By crossbreeding these chickens with chickens that have a strong punch and defense, it is sure to produce an unbeatable chicken.


Hopefully this information we can convey can help you in maintaining and producing quality chicken offspring that can be practiced in the cockfighting arena .