4 Tips to Make the Physical Body of the Fighting Chicken Become Hard

Tips to Make the Physical Body of the Fighting Chicken Become Hard: Who doesn’t want to have a fighting cock that is physically strong, dense, and hard. Certainly, it will be very useful when doing battle in an arena. Do not train carelessly to get the physical body, because it must be given the intake of supplements, food, and training to stiffen all parts of the body.

Tips for making hard-bodied chickens

There is no need to choose fighting chickens that have potential champions’ descendants. Using chickens that have a good fighting style can win the match. It all depends on how the chicken fighting fans arrange it to become a champion chicken fighting cock. Here are some tips to make the physical body of the fighting cock hard, including:

1. Body Exercises

Doing this exercise on the body is very useful so that you don’t get stiff and want to do circular movements and reflexes. The method is quite simple and can be done at home, which is rotating the body of the fighting chicken to the left and right approximately 25 times. However, it must be done gradually and slowly so that injury does not occur.

2. Neck Exercises

Training on the neck is very important for flexibility, and the goal is to be able to move freely and avoid the benchmarks launched by the opponent. The method remains the same by doing gentle movements and turning to the left and right 25 times.

3. Leg Exercises

Next is to do leg movement exercises on fighting chickens to form the mass of their muscles to be strong and hard, namely by inserting the fighting cocks into a large pool and placing them so that the chickens do swimming movements. This will make the chicken make leg movements that force it to get over the edge.

4. Wing Exercises

The last thing is to lift the fighting cock up high and release it by throwing it upward to force it to flap its wings. Because to touch the ground far enough, of course, it will flap many times. Continue to do so so that the wing muscles become hard and strong.


That is the discussion that we can convey above to train fighting chickens to get a hard physical body using these surefire tips. Hopefully, this can be the best means for you chicken fans to hone your techniques and fighting style and have the opportunity to become a champion of cockfighting. Thank you, and good luck!


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